Vanishing wave block type of stuffed animals, “Tetogurumi”. Truncated cone body (I want salt remove prefix) four legs of the cute guy.

By the way, “Teto” of the “Tetogurumi” is derived from the “tetrapod”, but this fact, I’m a product name. It is a company of the product called Corporation immobility tetra-san. Also in the lyrics of a certain musician I come out this word, but sang a “tetrapod” because you are limiting the trademark name in NHK when you sing in Red and White Singing Contest. Which was respect in Manimani (?) It has been referred to as a tetrapod. It is occasionally to get your point out there is no Ja mean you are never wrong. Please point out that when I wrote that tetrapods by mistake in the opposite (laughs).

Well, that story is as a good, not you cute Once you have a guy that has built up on the coast in a stuffed toy? It is wonderful idea I. When it does not get tired even looking at up. Such a strange charm There is in this stuffed animal.

But was after a few years from also released such Tet costume, little considering you can release the “Chodokyu Tet costume giga” is also in the meantime for a limited time, you can try to strap in a small size in the opposite (and the strap though It is large but), and I am still show a lot of spread.